dBpoweramp CD Ripper

CD Ripper is the corner stone of dBpoweramp Music Converter's and dBpoweramp Reference suite of audio tools, designed to meet the needs of hobbyist, enthusiast of audio professional, one ripper catering to all needs:

  • Digitally record audio CDs without quality loss,
  • Secure our extensive tests highlight CD ripper as the securest of the secure,
  • Fast do not waste your time waiting for your CDs to rip, CD Ripper is as fast as possible,
  • Encoders built using dBpoweramp's codecs, we support practically every type of audio compression!
  • Meta Data CD Ripper not only retrieves CD track names and extended information (such as label, rating, composer), but also album art work,
  • DSP Effects such as ReplayGain, Volume Normalize, or Graphic EQ  [Power Pack Option],
  • Multi-CPU Aware every last ounce of CPU horsepower is used [Reference Option],
  • Profiles store complete configuration settings with profiles, one for quick ripping, one for archiving securely  [Reference Option],
  • Advanced C2 pointers, audio cache flushing or elimination, CD-Text, UPC and ISRC, a Ripper with all advanced features  [Power Pack / Reference Options],
  • All Windows from Windows 98 to XP and Vista, all supported.


 Ripper Technology In Detail  

Secure & Fast CD Ripping previously rippers were either secure and slow, or fast with no error correction...dBpoweramp throws away the rule book and achieves the impossible!, not just secure, but also the Fastest. Illustrate have good credentials in the field of secure ripping, having created AccurateRip, now relied upon by 10,000's of people to verify their rips, this CD Ripper release further extends AccurateRip with tight application integration creating hither-too previously unobtainable levels of secure ripping.

The philosophy behind AccurateRip is quite simple - each time an audio track is ripped (recorded by computer) it is compared with rips from other people, this allows a confidence report to be generated. The report might say that 4 other people had exactly the same results, this would guarantee your rip was without error (the odds of AccurateRip being wrong in this instance are 1 in 256 billion), c2 error pointers or any other CD ripping security alone cannot come close to this level of security. Some popular CDs in the database have confidences of over 100, giving the chance of AccurateRip being wrong one in many trillions. By combining automatic checking from AccurateRip whilst ripping and re-ripping, if a rip can be securely verified ripping is finished, saving you time and wear and tear of your CD drive. In short, don't just rip your CDs, AccurateRip them!

A secure ripper is not only about ripping and re-ripping the same chunk over and over, it is about identifying the CD drive capabilities, such as C2 pointers and caching of audio data, only by correctly using each CD drive can a program securely rip. Illustrate spent a huge amount of time redesigning how a secure rippers function, read the technical details and secure ripper testing.

AccurateRip at work, ripping perfection
Encoders no other CD Ripper brings the full range of audio encoders: mp3, mp4, m4a (iPod), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) to name a few. Taking the popular mp3 format, we supply both Lame and Fraunhofer encoders in Reference, maximizing choice. With Multi-Encoder encode to two different formats at the same time!

Lame mp3 encoder settings
Meta Data many of our competitors simply use freedb for meta data, freedb is good in that it is free, but the scope and quality of meta data contained within can be lacking. Illustrate teamed up with the premier choice: All Media Guide. dBpoweramp's CD Ripper not only retrieves CD details and extended information (such as label, rating, composer), but also album art work. Meta data does not simply stop with the data retrieved, but how it is written to audio files, there are many different tagging standards for each audio format, we cover all the bases, ensuring maximum compatibility by allowing exact ID Tag type selection.

Album Artwork in CD Ripper
DSP digital signal processing, effects which can be applied to the ripped audio, many effects are straight from the pro-audio world such as supporting 32 bit floating point processing, complete DSP effect listing.

Add DSP effect processing
Multi-CPU Aware rip and encode using all CPU cores simultaneously, are you using your system to the Max? take it to the red line. [Reference Option]

Multi CPU Encoding
Profiles have one set of ripping parameters for lossless archiving, another profile for your iPod and one click switch between the two.
Advanced all CD drives are equal, sadly not. Some drives support C2 error pointers well, many have no support, whilst others might have a poor C2 implementation (C2 pointers tell the ripping program when a section of audio has errors). dBpoweramp is the first ripper to take drives with any C2 implementation any use it in an only beneficially correct way.

To obtain secure ripping results the ripping program must accurately know the size of a drives ripping cache, suspicion always arises for any secure ripper which does not allow the exact cache size to be specified. Plextor drives can have their caches cleared by a special FUA command, CD ripper supports FUA.

Audio CDs can contain more than audio data, CD-Text, UPC and ISRC track identification codes, all are supported.   [many advanced options require Power Pack or Reference]
Windows Compatibility dBpoweramp works across a broad range of Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows Vista (64 bit versions included). Linux is catered for with Wine. Fully Unicode compatible.